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Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for injury and illness. Physiotherapy is characterized by therapeutic treatments such as massage, and exercise rather than by surgery or medications as the curing of an accident , illness, or deformity.

Physiotherapists are go-to health professionals accessible, first-line health professionals, skilled in health promotion, injury prevention and patient management. They are University-trained in the health sciences and intensive study of Anatomy and Physiology. Physiotherapists are competent in hands-on medical problem management.  

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Physiotherapists are experts in movements and can help reduce pain; improve stability and restore mobility. It is not just with massage but with a combination of exercises that helps your body heal faster and get better.

Many people know that physiotherapy can only be performed by a licensed physiotherapist, yet some believe that other healthcare professionals can perform this type of treatment. It is important to remember that physiotherapists pursue board certification to handle physical treatment and hence it is better to consult a physiotherapist.

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