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Dentistry, also known as dental medicine, is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis , prevention and treatment of oral cavity diseases and disorders. Dentistry is not just about the teeth, But both oral and maxillofacial tissues— and good oral health is increasingly recognized as critical for good general health.

The Dentistry and Oral Surgery team at Good Living Medical Centre is committed to providing the highest quality dental and oral care available. Our team provides comprehensive dental, oral, and maxillofacial care. Our Dentists help in preventing oral infections, and diagnosing and treating disorders to give you the best smile you can wear. 

Health Tips & Info

Diet sodas sound safe….. But are they really safe ? Diet sodas are highly acidic which can damage the enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity.

Dental visit every 6 months is essential for early detection of cavities and other oral health issues. Visits to the Dentist is necessary for optimal oral health and hygiene

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Dentist: Specialist- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist
Dentist: General and Cosmetic Dentist
Dentist: Specialist- Orthodontist


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