Dr Anjana Venugopal

Dr. Anjana Venugopal

Dentist | Specialist – Orthodontist

Dr.Anjana is trained in UAE, Canada & India. She is a Specialist in the field of Orthodontics. Her interests are mainly in working with clear aligners, metal and ceramic fixed appliances, and orthopaedic appliance therapy, using the most advanced techniques. Dr.Anjana encourages the correction of every dental disorder before it has happened and hence encourages young patients for a consult to take care of their bite and smile from an early age. With an eye for detail, she makes every smile a lasting one.

Dr.Anjana holds a Masters Degree in the Super Specialty branch of Dentistry called Orthodontics. Simply put, Orthodontics deals with the correction of crooked teeth. This can broadly include bite correction, smile enhancement and balancing the dental arches.

Orthodontist Specialist
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I recently started my aligners - for the correction of my front teeth, during this Covid period. I wasn’t sure if I was a good idea as I had booked the aligners before lockdown and I did not know how frequent the interactions would be. But I can really say that Dr Anjana has been superb during this time, regular follow ups, available on what’s app, sending me reminder, updating me about the teeth movement with pictures. She has been on top of everything, keeping me updated at every point even though I haven’t visited her. I really recommend her for anyone who wants to have a pretty smile as she will make it happen.
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